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Here it is. My art page. What I intend to do with this page is use it as a place to display my own work (when I get around to scanning it in) as well as providing links to other ART sites on the Web. My tastes tend to lean towards the Lowbrow end of the spectrum. I personally like the works of The Pizz, Robt. Williams, COOP, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.
This is where I first learned of Lowbrow art as a genre.
Stuff by Coop, Ed Roth, and others.
A lot of wierd computer altered stuff. Pretty cool.
Kalynn Campbell
Check out this stuff too.
A Cool Graffiti Site
A HUGE Amount of Links to Art Pages
Gacy Paintings
Samples of Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's Art. Kinda Spooky.